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uShip Providers

PackPro Logistics - Get uShip bids >

Packpro Logistics has over 20 years experience in the shipping industry. We are a nationwide provider of shipping, trucking and freight services for commercial and residential shippers. All freight is transported by licensed US freight companies. Some of our clients have included Bass Pro Shops, G.E. Capital, Montgomery Wards, Fingerhut, State of Nevada, and many others. We have a variety of shipping solutions at our disposal to meet every shipping situation. Whether you are an individual...

Complete Logistics - Get uShip bids >

Complete Logistics is an asset based third party logistics company with international and domestic capabilities. Our logistics professionals are trained to coordinate the transportation of ground, air and ocean freight. B2B, B2Household & returns managment.



Billy Goat Transport - Get uShip bids >

(RV, Auto, Ag Equip.)I have a 03 Dodge Cummins 6spd with a 20' gooseneck flatbed, 18' tongue pull flatbed, or custom 16' flatbed toy hauler. I can run your Gooseneck, 5th Wheel, and Tongue pull. I specialize in RV, Auto, and Ag Equip. I am looking to lease out if it is an economical deal for me. Insurance, I recommend that you check your own property insurance it is more likely cheaper or already covered. I treat all loads as if it were my most prized possession. Everything gets delivered in...

St. Clair Flats Trucking - Get uShip bids >

i have logged a million miles driving semi and straight truck. a half million expediting via van. 0 tickets 0 points. My full ton van has a heated cargo space 4'X 4'X 12'

Kimery Hauling - Get uShip bids >

I have a 2004 Chevrolet 3500 Diesel and a 40 ft. Fleetneck gooseneck trailer that I use for hauling. I have been hauling cross country for the past 6 years. Even though I do not have a commercial license or a DOT number, I have hauled mostly heavy agricultural equipment. I have also hauled automobiles, hay, and many other commodities. I have hauled for auctions, companies, individuals, and the government. I am a responsible businessman that can provide references to you, my new client, to...

CALL2HAUL - Get uShip bids >

I am an owner/operator of a UD 1800 Rollback car carrier. I will haul your vehicle anywhere in the U.S. I am an experienced operator and I specialize in private personal service, handling the transportation of a customer car. Because I am a single truck operation I am able to give the best rate available. If you have a special car you want transported short or long distance, I can do the job. I will also pick up vehicles purchased in one location and deliver to another. As long as my truck...

M&H Hotshot express - Get uShip bids >

I have a Ford f-350 super duty & a gooseneck 40 foot flatbed trailer w/dovetail ramps . I will haul up to 12,000 Lbs. I can haul equipment , automobiles and flatbed freight . I will also haul your trailer if needed i also have a reciever hitch 10,000 lbs. I have class A CDL. and clean driving record . I am fully insured . No trip to short or long .

CROWLEY - Get uShip bids >

We primarily buy, sell, rent, repair, service, and transport excavation and construction equipment. We pride ourselves on very prompt service and routinely haul oversize and unique loads. We have a blanket over width permit for the State of Maine up to 11'-6" wide, and are authorized to write Instant Permits for overweight, over length loads, and even wider loads. We do small loads too. We own and operate a 400 hp day cab road tractor registered for 100,000 lbs. GVW, a 35 ton hydraulic...

tracy hauls - Get uShip bids >

i am new to uship but i have been in the delivery buisness most of my life i have a box truck and a pickup to haul whatever it is you need hauled both my trucks have full coverage insurance so that anything i haul is covered i worked for zumestine trucking for 10yrs driveing a tractor trailer also have references you can call