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I am a buyer and seller of online auction merchandise. I travel all over, but mainly the mid-western and southern states. I often have additional room available on my trailer, or in my pick-up. I am very professional and have an excellent record hauling items.....I am willing and able to unload or aid in unloading if you request or require it. Don't hesitate to email me if you have a question. Lately I have been asked to deliver trucks, and cars for people and have done so successfully. Miami to Chicago, Chicago to South Carolina. I can drive anything. Don't hesitate to ask. I have a special gift for transporting animals as well. They do take special care though. It's not like you can add them on the trailer in back. I treat them like I would a child, even if there is a layover. In one case a bird was with me for 4 days, and we actually bonded quite well... Boats are my love. I love to transport boats of all sizes. Biggest to date was a 1939 / 40' Sloop. Hammer44h

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Expedited Cargo Pick up & Delivery Service in Georgia.</br> </br> Reasonable Door to door prices.</br> </br> WITHIN Buford, Georgia $13.67 MIN or $7.30 CWT.</br> Zip code 30349 to Gwinnett county or vice-versa $20.60 Min or $9.40 CWT</br> </br> Buford, GA to:</br> CLT,NC area = $135 Gen rate* or $270 Expedited (5hrs).</br> Valdosta,GA = $200 Gen rate* or $350 Expedited(6hrs).</br> Florence,SC = $260 Gen rate* or $400 Expedited(7hrs).</br> Myrtle beach,SC = $280 Gen rate* or $450 Expedited(8hrs).</br> </br>* General rate will be deliver within 48 hrs of pick up time. </br> From :Atlanta,GA to Miami, FL and vicinities $350.00 Deliver Next day. Requires 4 hours advance notice for pick up. </br> </br> </br> NO bonded freight, NO perishables and NO RQ Hazardous Material.</br> Restrictions MAX cargo Weight 2000 Lbs..</br> </br> Dimension limits L 96" x W 48" x H 48".</br>

RM's - Get uShip bids >

I have transported oversized loads going on 32 years. Load sizes range from 12 feet to 16 feet wide, 16 feet tall and up to 115 feet long. I mainly move mobile homes, offices and double wides. I have also transported auto's, boats and anything that can be pushed pulled or towed. I have a clean MVR, no tickets. My Father also transportes and he has moved oversized loads for 51 years. We have two trucks, one Peterbuilt and a Volvo. Both trucks are equipped with ball and pintle hooks, we carry...

Front - Get uShip bids >

We are a trucking company based out of Cleveland, Ohio. We run regular routes between NY, NY to Portland, OR and Kent, Wa. We also run NY, NY to Sacramento and San Francisco CA. So anything in between we can pick up and deliver. We are insured and we do not bid on freight that we are not going to personally handle. Another words, we are not a middle man. If we bid on your shipment, we are the ones that will personally pick it up and deliver it. We do not have hidden fees for lift gates...

BBLTransport - Get uShip bids >

I am an Independant Contractor, liscenced and with a 2006 Dodge Ram Cummings turbo Diesel 4x4 Truck that is personally insured. Have clean MVR and 23 yrs. experience with Major Airlines towing aircraft and driving all types of equipment.I offer personal,honest and trustworthy service for all your transport needs.I prefer Paypal,cash or moneyorder on delivery.Deposit depending on the job.

moses gilbert - Get uShip bids >

Professional mover and truck driver. Can transport or move any item. International shipper, can laod and unload rental trucks, or any moving container. For all your labor needs, I can help.

Cheetah Transportation - Get uShip bids >

Transportation company. Have access to over 1600 flatbeds, stepdecks, 30 hotshots, 300 vans

ProMoving USA - Get uShip bids >

Thank you for your interest in ProMoving USA. ProMoving USA Certified Home , Office , Corporate and Commercial Movers at Discount Rates. ProMoving USA has the experience to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. When moving in Maryland , Virginia or Washington DC. , you need a mover who knows the area and has a proven track record of success. ProMoving USA believes that every good move starts with good communication and a realistic understanding of what to expect during your...

Handle With Care Packaging Store - Get uShip bids >



1 Ton Dually's available for your towable freight. Flatbeds available for your commercial or non-towable freight. We also have boat trailers for your non-trailered vessel. We are properly licensed with USDOT # 1256358. ICC MC # 492537. We carry $1M BIPD and $100K Cargo insurance policies at no additional cost to you. We have been in business three years and have over 7 million safe driving miles. We employ only the experienced professionals. Contact us "For the safe transportation of your...