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uShip Providers - Get uShip bids >

I am a buyer and seller of online auction merchandise. I travel all over, but mainly the mid-western and southern states. I often have additional room available on my trailer, or in my pick-up. I am very professional and have an excellent record hauling items.....I am willing and able to unload or aid in unloading if you request or require it. Don't hesitate to email me if you have a question. Lately I have been asked to deliver trucks, and cars for people and have done so successfully. Miami to Chicago, Chicago to South Carolina. I can drive anything. Don't hesitate to ask. I have a special gift for transporting animals as well. They do take special care though. It's not like you can add them on the trailer in back. I treat them like I would a child, even if there is a layover. In one case a bird was with me for 4 days, and we actually bonded quite well... Boats are my love. I love to transport boats of all sizes. Biggest to date was a 1939 / 40' Sloop. Hammer44h

Second Choice Cargo - Get uShip bids >

Expedited Cargo Pick up & Delivery Service in Georgia.</br> </br> Reasonable Door to door prices.</br> </br> WITHIN Buford, Georgia $13.67 MIN or $7.30 CWT.</br> Zip code 30349 to Gwinnett county or vice-versa $20.60 Min or $9.40 CWT</br> </br> Buford, GA to:</br> CLT,NC area = $135 Gen rate* or $270 Expedited (5hrs).</br> Valdosta,GA = $200 Gen rate* or $350 Expedited(6hrs).</br> Florence,SC = $260 Gen rate* or $400 Expedited(7hrs).</br> Myrtle beach,SC = $280 Gen rate* or $450 Expedited(8hrs).</br> </br>* General rate will be deliver within 48 hrs of pick up time. </br> From :Atlanta,GA to Miami, FL and vicinities $350.00 Deliver Next day. Requires 4 hours advance notice for pick up. </br> </br> </br> NO bonded freight, NO perishables and NO RQ Hazardous Material.</br> Restrictions MAX cargo Weight 2000 Lbs..</br> </br> Dimension limits L 96" x W 48" x H 48".</br>

Horns Creek Truching - Get uShip bids >

Professianly Depenable And Deliver On Time.

AAAslingshotExpress - Get uShip bids >

I do carry bob tail insurance if needed.My vehicle is a 1 ton chevy van and i can easily carry 3 pallets or up to 2500 lbs of misc. freight. Dimensions are 47 inches high by 52 wide with 11 feet of length. I have been delivering freight for 9 years and i pride myself on delivering your goods on time every time.

lumber specialties corp - Get uShip bids >

I am hauling campers out of Indiana. The MC icc Numbers belong to the company I haul for. If I find a boat, camper or a trailer on uship worth moving ,I will contact the company and get a shipping number. I have driven o.t.r for 30 yrs hauling auto's,boats,campers,auto transport semi and many other trucks and trailers. I have good driving record,new phisical,drug screen. and I don't smoke. I have a one ton 2004 dodge dully for towing. And if needed, a 25' flatbed utilty trailer with loading...

Freight Authority - Get uShip bids >

We have been in business on a national level for over 20 years. is an untapped market for us at Freight Authority, and we look forward to bringing our 90% discounted rates to the individual shippers and small businesses. Some of our national partners include: USF Reddaway, SAIA, Roadway, UPS freight, and many regional carriers. We process hundreds of shipments a day, and are looking forward to expand our reputation to

Lynden International - Get uShip bids >

We are an all around transportation company. We specialize in shipping commercial goods. We strive on being a total package company providing great service and rates. We have recieved the quest for quality award, given by Logistics Magazine, for ten consecutive years in a row. This says a lot for the type of service we provide to our customers domestically and world wide.


Complete roll back service moving auto's and trucks running or not. Also tractors and some small equipment. Use a full size roll back with 24'000 lbs capacity 20' aluminum bed and wheel lift .FULL DOT and MC certified and FULLY INSURED!! 20 plus year's experience in moving ALL types of item's. We know how to treat your item's properly so you get them in as good a shape as when you bought them or had them picked up !

Billy Goat Transport - Get uShip bids >

(RV, Auto, Ag Equip.)I have a 03 Dodge Cummins 6spd with a 20' gooseneck flatbed, 18' tongue pull flatbed, or custom 16' flatbed toy hauler. I can run your Gooseneck, 5th Wheel, and Tongue pull. I specialize in RV, Auto, and Ag Equip. I am looking to lease out if it is an economical deal for me. Insurance, I recommend that you check your own property insurance it is more likely cheaper or already covered. I treat all loads as if it were my most prized possession. Everything gets delivered in...

adams builders - Get uShip bids >

a small buisness just getting started in the transport buisness.have dot number m.c. number and fully insured,also have an older buisness in telecommunications field we build aerial cable for several establihed companies.