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I am a buyer and seller of online auction merchandise. I travel all over, but mainly the mid-western and southern states. I often have additional room available on my trailer, or in my pick-up. I am very professional and have an excellent record hauling items.....I am willing and able to unload or aid in unloading if you request or require it. Don't hesitate to email me if you have a question. Lately I have been asked to deliver trucks, and cars for people and have done so successfully. Miami to Chicago, Chicago to South Carolina. I can drive anything. Don't hesitate to ask. I have a special gift for transporting animals as well. They do take special care though. It's not like you can add them on the trailer in back. I treat them like I would a child, even if there is a layover. In one case a bird was with me for 4 days, and we actually bonded quite well... Boats are my love. I love to transport boats of all sizes. Biggest to date was a 1939 / 40' Sloop. Hammer44h

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Expedited Cargo Pick up & Delivery Service in Georgia.</br> </br> Reasonable Door to door prices.</br> </br> WITHIN Buford, Georgia $13.67 MIN or $7.30 CWT.</br> Zip code 30349 to Gwinnett county or vice-versa $20.60 Min or $9.40 CWT</br> </br> Buford, GA to:</br> CLT,NC area = $135 Gen rate* or $270 Expedited (5hrs).</br> Valdosta,GA = $200 Gen rate* or $350 Expedited(6hrs).</br> Florence,SC = $260 Gen rate* or $400 Expedited(7hrs).</br> Myrtle beach,SC = $280 Gen rate* or $450 Expedited(8hrs).</br> </br>* General rate will be deliver within 48 hrs of pick up time. </br> From :Atlanta,GA to Miami, FL and vicinities $350.00 Deliver Next day. Requires 4 hours advance notice for pick up. </br> </br> </br> NO bonded freight, NO perishables and NO RQ Hazardous Material.</br> Restrictions MAX cargo Weight 2000 Lbs..</br> </br> Dimension limits L 96" x W 48" x H 48".</br>

G&S Delivery Inc. - Get uShip bids >

We have cargo vans 12ft long.We are experienced,licensed and fully insured service.Number one,for us is COSTUMER SATISFACTION!

B - F Services, Inc. - Get uShip bids >

B - F Services, Inc. is a new pick up / delivery company serving the Metropolitan New Jersey, JFK area. Specializing in expediting small, time sensitive packages and cargo. Though we deal mainly in small pieces, with local and semi distance (250 mile radius). We do consider long distance through consolidation of loads/pick up en route to other points. B - F Services utilizes pick up trucks and vans on daily routes. Larger vehicles (up to 24' box trucks) will be put into service as size and...

HFD Services - Get uShip bids >

HFD services noramlly handles expidited freight for industry and we deliver some furniture, but at times during the year when it is slow I will offer indivuals my services.


Bulldog Moving Company LLC is a Full Service Professional Moving Company. Bulldog Moving Company is fully Bonded and Insured. Recognized by the State and Federal Government as Professional Movers. References are available upon request. Bulldog Moving Company LLC performs move in 48 states. We perform small moves along with large mansions. We move anything!!!

GNTrucking - Get uShip bids >

This is a mom and pop business. One truck and two drivers with a common goal....getting your goods to their destination on time! Professional service.

J & P - Get uShip bids >

We are a small courier company operating mainly along the I-95 corridor and surrounding states. We also offer a specialised high speed European courier service for smaller items under 75lbs. We normally only do curbside pick up/ delivery. Please check with us of you require other services. We aim to offer a speedy & reliable service to you. Please be sure to provide complete delivery and pick up information. We make deliveries when we have COMPLETE and ACCURATE information. Double check zip...

Steve Blumler Trucking - Get uShip bids >

Have my own truck and can go anywhere, live in Fargo but can drive anywhere in the lower 48 have flatbed trailer 48 foot with tarps can go at the drop of a hat give me a try at Steve Blumler Trucking

Express Pick up - Get uShip bids >

I am semi- retired and have a car carrier trailer and a new diesel pickup and would like to travel around the country