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uShip Providers - Get uShip bids >

I am a buyer and seller of online auction merchandise. I travel all over, but mainly the mid-western and southern states. I often have additional room available on my trailer, or in my pick-up. I am very professional and have an excellent record hauling items.....I am willing and able to unload or aid in unloading if you request or require it. Don't hesitate to email me if you have a question. Lately I have been asked to deliver trucks, and cars for people and have done so successfully. Miami to Chicago, Chicago to South Carolina. I can drive anything. Don't hesitate to ask. I have a special gift for transporting animals as well. They do take special care though. It's not like you can add them on the trailer in back. I treat them like I would a child, even if there is a layover. In one case a bird was with me for 4 days, and we actually bonded quite well... Boats are my love. I love to transport boats of all sizes. Biggest to date was a 1939 / 40' Sloop. Hammer44h

Second Choice Cargo - Get uShip bids >

Expedited Cargo Pick up & Delivery Service in Georgia.</br> </br> Reasonable Door to door prices.</br> </br> WITHIN Buford, Georgia $13.67 MIN or $7.30 CWT.</br> Zip code 30349 to Gwinnett county or vice-versa $20.60 Min or $9.40 CWT</br> </br> Buford, GA to:</br> CLT,NC area = $135 Gen rate* or $270 Expedited (5hrs).</br> Valdosta,GA = $200 Gen rate* or $350 Expedited(6hrs).</br> Florence,SC = $260 Gen rate* or $400 Expedited(7hrs).</br> Myrtle beach,SC = $280 Gen rate* or $450 Expedited(8hrs).</br> </br>* General rate will be deliver within 48 hrs of pick up time. </br> From :Atlanta,GA to Miami, FL and vicinities $350.00 Deliver Next day. Requires 4 hours advance notice for pick up. </br> </br> </br> NO bonded freight, NO perishables and NO RQ Hazardous Material.</br> Restrictions MAX cargo Weight 2000 Lbs..</br> </br> Dimension limits L 96" x W 48" x H 48".</br>

BestDarnMovers - Get uShip bids >

We are relatively new to uShip; we just heard about it recently. But we are not 'unknown'. We've done quite a few jobs for eMove. Just go to the eMove site and log-in our zipcode 18704; read our business description and customer reviews. We are and have always been one of eMove's top service providers and we intend to establish ourselves on the uShip site as well. Lookin' forward to being of service to you soon. Thank You Joel BestDarnMovers

S &S Services - Get uShip bids >

S & S Services is a small independent company located in the Chickasha, Oklahoma area. We are O.D.O.T. approved and insured for $1,000,000 on the truck and $1,000,000 on the trailer. We operate a twin axle 25 foot flatbed gooseneck trailer; and can haul 14,000 lbs. Insured nationwide. Our driver has a Class A.C.D.L with tanker endorsement. The driver has prior oilfield hotshot experience.

Ingham Installations - Get uShip bids >

Ingham Installations is a furniture installation and delivery service located in northern New Jersey serving NYC & the northeastern US area. Basic and Released Liability offered. We offer full service, pack and wrap, warehouse storage as well as receiving. 2 Man delivery crew is always punctual and easy to contact. Most importantly, we care for your items, making sure that they are safe, and we always make sure the cutomer is satisfied.

McGuire's Transportation Services - Get uShip bids >

McGuire's Transportation Services is dedicated to your transportation needs at very competivr price. We work closely with the Motor Truck Transportation,Industrial Contracting,Rail, and Ocean. [website removed]

R.L. Decker Enterprises - Get uShip bids >

Experienced Driver with 35 years experience and 3,000,000+ miles accident-free driving. Our normal operating equipment includes a 2002 Freightliner truck with a 48' X 102" Thermo king Reefer. We have the ability to haul loads ranging in temperature between 80 degrees to minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit. We generally haul refrigerated, frozen, and specialized commodities. However, pending trailer availability we can also haul tankers, drive-in, automobiles and heavy and wide loads.

Alliance Asset Shipping - Get uShip bids >

Our company is Alliance Asset Shipping. We are a professional boat, camper and trailer hauling company. All of the trailers we pull are under 7200 pounds and we carry freight and motorcycles in the back of our Dodge Ram. We cover all of the U.S. so every shipment request will be considered. We also offer a pet carrier service. All large dogs would be in an outside enclosed kennel in the back of the truck and all small dogs ride in there own kennel inside. Cats and other animals are...

Dynasty Transportation, Inc. - Get uShip bids >

Full Service OTR Transportation and Logistics Provider serving all 48 states as well as Mexico and Canada. Asset Based Carrier with Extensive Brokerage Division to assist customers in effectively moving their shipments in a timely and cost effective manner. Dynasty Transportation has been in business for over 20 years and combined with its sister company, Ace Transportation, the two companies have gross revenues in excess of $200 million dollars per year and are listed as one of the TOP 100...

Independent Moving Systems - Get uShip bids >

I have 18 years experience in the moving & storage business. I offer shipping within the 11 western states and Texas, as well as local service from Olympia, Wa to Everett, Wa.